Stephanie Engle



A weird horse girl who became a designer

EXPERIENCE: GM Cruise autonomous vehicles (2017-), Facebook VR (2016-2017), Facebook Profile (2015), Secret (2014)   

SKILLS: Visual, motion, 3D modeling, prototyping, & copywriting for AR, VR, 2D & 3D audio experiences. 

TOOLS: Sketch, Framer, Principle, After Effects, Cinema 4D 

👋 I'm Steph. I like helping confused technologies find purpose and creating teams to do that too. 

I try to do good work on good things, from Urban Design at Duke University to reduced emissions with GM’s autonomous electric vehicles. I’m happiest touching all parts of solutions, from concept to software and hardware to commercialization. 

I’ve been lucky to bring good company, recruiting in diverse people from UberPOOL to Star Trek. Our industry needs more good people and new ideas, so I advocate for inclusion often.

Feel free to say hi, especially for speaking opportunities and if you want to design robots.