Stephanie Engle



Steph is a product designer speaking in the third person. This is her good Engle. 

Her favorite things include designing emerging technologies for everyday people and building teams to do the same. And puns. Very terrible puns.

At Duke University, she studied policy, behavioral economics, and urban design while running a multi-million dollar delivery platform for students and overseeing a 45-person team.  

She started her career at Secret, working on anonymous social experiences. She then moved to Facebook, where she worked on the Facebook Profile redesign and led design for Live 360 videos, VR creator tools, and live-streaming from VR. Now at Cruise, she leads the driving experience design for autonomous cars.   

On the side, she speaks and writes to invite others to think more about these issues, along with diversity and accessibility too.

Feel free to say hi, especially for speaking opportunities and or if you want to design robot cars with her.  

Services. Food delivery and ride-sharing.
New media. Live 360 videos and live streaming from VR.
VR/AR. Social VR and AV spatial experiences.
AI/ML. Virtual assistants and vehicle situational awareness.
Hardware. VR headsets and autonomous vehicles.
Audio. 360 audio and voice assistants.