Stephanie Engle



Hey, I'm Steph. You might know me because I write some about design. Those stories tend to begin on an unconventional path, mostly because my career did too. 

In short, I learned the hard skills building a business of taking photos to help people. I then studied people problems at Duke University. Now, I use those skills to solve really big people problems at Facebook.  

In slightly more words, at Duke I learned how to serve people. From 2012 to 2016, I led student teams to build delivery products and services to get students what they needed. We made local businesses millions in annual revenue, living wages for employees, and a durable company culture.

At Secret, I experience hard realities in protecting people. In 2014, my team curated safe spaces to help people be heard during the Gaza Strip conflict. By breaking bounds on free speech, we brutally found bounds on our tools.

Facebook magnified my prior people lessons to billions. In 2015, the Profile team and I redesigned profiles so people could express themselves better in times like the Paris attacks. Now, I'm finding and trying to solve new human challenges on the Social VR and 360 media team.

Feel free to get in touch.